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A Critique of the Panasonic ES-LV95-S Electric Razor

Jul 4th 2018, 10:14 am
Posted by teresahowe
Recently, i began using the ES-LV95 after the brief detour along with the Braun 9095cc, both flagship shavers from Panasonic and Braun; the ES-LV95 replaces my older ES-LV81. This review is really a comparison of your (relatively) new Panasonic together with the newest Braun, however contrasting this new Panasonic with the old, the ES-LV95 improves performance and convenience in every respect in comparison with all the earlier Panasonic, then i won't reference the venerable ES-LV81 again.

In comparison to the Braun, the newest Panasonic is lighter weight (7 oz vs 8 oz) and slightly slimmer. It's mostly plastic, and then so will be the Braun, and esthetics of either is a matter of opinion. The Panasonic has slightly less chrome showing and is a bit more svelte, which I kind of favor, so a win for that Panny for appearances in my opinion. If you have any kind of concerns concerning where and exactly how to utilize Best Electric Razors, you could call us at our own web-site. The head is larger - about 1/4" wider - and seems more flexible than the Braun's, moving quicker around a true 360 degree axis rather than the Braun's two-dimensional swivel, allowing the Panasonic to evolve to the contours of the face better. It covers more area quicker, and shortens my morning shave by up to 50 % when compared to the 9095cc, but does require practice maneuvering the larger head surrounding the corners and angles of your own face. The Panasonic has 5 cutters arranged symmetrically (a center flat cutter for much longer whiskers, flanked on either side by 2 foils), contrasting Braun's asymmetrical 4 cutters (2 different flat cutters, blue and silver, having a foil on each side). One benefit from the Panasonic is usually that the cutter blocks and foil can be acquired separately - the foils need replacing faster, so might need more frequent replacement, but can get replaced without replacing the cutters. With all the Braun, the cutters and foils are certainly one cartridge assembly so you will need to buy both. As an addendum, replacement heads to the Braun happen to be generally unavailable now for over a year, with all the few that you can get priced sometimes at in excess of the price of the shaver. The Panasonic replacement heads are plentiful anywhere, usually $50-60 range for foil and cutter blocks combined.

The higher speed cutting cycles in the Panasonic (14,000 cpm) in comparison to Braun's 10,000 cpm, seem to provide a more comfortable shave (to me) - that's 233 cutting cycles per second (Panasonic), compared to 167 cutting cycles per second (Braun), or forty percent faster. Braun's "sonic" technology also creates more vibration (and noise) from the head and shaver when compared to Panny. Our prime speed Panasonic appears to smooth out each pass, and require fewer passes or repeat passes, rather than the Braun's "paint mixer" vibrations on the face and then in your hands. Neither obviously is just as quiet being a rotary shaver. The Panasonic shave is definitely closer, with fewer missed spots or random whiskers. Panasonic also provides a "sensor" mode with this shaver, which reportedly detects beard thickness and adjusts cutting speed, which it actually appears to do; it will produce a less irritating shave than previous models or maybe the Braun, which could be attributable for this feature. The Panasonic takes a different technique along with a lighter touch compared to Braun - since it cuts your beard easier, you don't have to apply any other pressure shaving to secure a close cut; the truth is in the event you press as hard with the Panny while you sometimes must along with the Braun, it will tell you you've possessed a close shave, instead of in a good way. Easy would it. Both shavers use a lock for any head, allowing a more in-depth shave around more complicated areas for example below the nose and around sideburns, and have a pop-up trimmer for trimming along a straight line. Both configurations work equally well for those purposes.

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