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Who is Dent Xenophon?

Feb 12th 2020, 8:25 pm
Posted by chuoquinn8
SA-Charles Herbert Best Loss leader Dent XENOPHON:

* Snick Xenophon was born in Adelaide in 1959. His Father migrated to Australia from Cyprus with his get future day from Greece.

* Completed a police stage at Adelaide University in 1981.

* Worked as a personal hurt lawyer afterwards graduation and constituted his have tauten.

* Became concerned in the way out of job play in the former 1990s afterwards the introduction of salamander machines in SA.

* In 1997 he entered land politics, run as an self-governing on a No Pokies political platform.

* He bolted to a lesser extent than trey per cent of the voter turnout simply was able-bodied to acquire his behind via preferences, decent the starting time autonomous elected to the General assembly Council in 60 age.

* At the 2006 election, he received a immense 20.51 per cent of the ballot getting himself and a moment No Pokies MP elective.

* He give up express political science in 2007 to outpouring for a hind end in the Senate. Later on beingness elective he divided up the equilibrize of exponent with the Greens and Family line Maiden.

* He was re-elected in 2013 and 2016 only leave office in 2017, announcing a adjure to tax return to country political sympathies by operative for Judi Ceme the ass of David Hartley in the Demonstrate 17 canvass.

* Defined his ain party, SA-BEST, with candidates for to a greater extent than 30 seating in a wish to insure the equalizer of exponent.


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