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Meeting Customers on Their Own Terms…Their SEARCH Terms

Jan 18th 2019, 5:36 pm
Posted by shauntebee
Scour does not guarantee that you will make a fortune from their search engine.  This does not mean that it is not worthwhile.  I think that it’s good to be able to vote on the search results that you want.  The rewards are not all too exciting but you can at least make a little money from it.  With all the searching that we do, shouldn’t we get paid for it?

What’s even better is that Scour pays its users to do the research. For each search, vote, or comment, users get awarded points. The user is awarded 1 point for searching, 2 points for voting, and 3 points for comments. When so many points are accumulated, They can be traded in for a $25 VISA gift card.

Optimizing a website means deciding what keyword phrases (KPs) you want to compete on and then weaving those keyword phrases into the copy and metatags of your website’s critical pages. A search engine, like Google, will compare the keyword phrase of the searcher with the content of gazillions of web pages, seo find the pages that have the most matches, further evaluate each matched page by looking at inbound links, determine which page is the best match and then rank accordingly in the search results. Success in this process depends upon you researching and selecting the best keywords possible to compete on!

Italy's biggest bank by assets last month appointed French investment banker Jean-Pierre Mustier as its chief executive, a choice which a source said is likely to lead to a multi-billion euro capital increase and asset sales.

PPC Search Engines are search engines that allow advertisers to list their site within their search results on a pay per click basis. Advertisers bid against other advertisers for the same keywords or phrases. The highest bidder will then have their site ranked #1 in the PPC Search Engine results for a certain keyword followed by the second highest bidder for the same keyword followed by the third highest bidder for the same keyword, etc.

PPC Search Engine affiliate programs are a good and easy way to earn some quick cash online. It is a lot easier to earn from PPC Search Engines than most other affiliate programs because you earn from your visitors click-thru’s to an advertisers site and not per action or sale.

When a visitor then does a search in the PPC Search Engine and clicks on an advertisers bided link, the advertisers account will then get deducted for that click. This only happens once per unique visitor. So if that same visitor clicked on the same advertisers bided link twice, then the advertisers account will only get deducted for the first click.

USA's Guy Wildenstein arrives at the Paris courthouse, Thursday, Sept. 22, 2016. The heir of a New York art-dealing empire, Guy Wildenstein, goes to court in Paris on Thursday for allegedly hiding his family fortune for years in offshore tax havens, with French authorities demanding a staggering 553 million euros ($621 million) in back taxes. (AP Photo/Christophe Ena)

Feb 9 (Reuters) - Kellogg Co, the world's largest maker of breakfast cereals, reported a higher-than-expected adjusted quarterly profit and extended its "Project K" restructuring program by another year.

Kellogg's selling, general and administrative expenses fell more than 12 percent to $878 million in the quarter. The company posted an operating profit of $98 million, compared with a loss of $39 million a year earlier.

Enter the Web, where everybody could find everything and talk about it to everybody else for no marginal cost. The idea of “bottom-up,” word of mouth marketing, generally not much more than a gleam in some marketing professors’ eyes, became a reality. In business-to-business, it has become more than that—it has become THE decision-making environment. For a major purchase, 98% of the people involved in making that decision will have accessed Google before the decision is made (Enquiro B2B Survey, 2007).

The program involves jobcuts and production optimization among other things.

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