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Dec 4th 2019, 1:57 pm
Posted by chuntoledo
For the past several years, I been writing about what happens when big oil and gas corporations drill where people live. high volume hydraulic fracturing, which extracts oil and methane from deep shale has become my beat. My interviewees live in Pennsylvania shale gas fields; among Wisconsin hills, where corporations have been mining silica, an essential fracking ingredient; and in New York, where one of the most powerful grassroots movements in the state long history of dissent has become ground zero for anti fracking activism across the country.

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cheap jerseys Massachusetts is missing just a single piece of policy to truly launch offshore wind: a state law that would require electric utilities to buy a specified amount of power from wind farms, even if it comes at a premium. Because new types of generation usually cost more than conventional resources, this kind of measure is necessary until experience and economies of scale have a chance to bring the price down. And, of course, the price does not fully reflect the health and environmental costs that come with conventional resources..cheap jerseys

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