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What kind of PSA Oxygen is used in Medical world?

Today, 2:09 am
Posted by reggiekopf

The oxygen gas has a very vital role in the medical world and it is delivered by the Medical Oxygen generator that helps to the people suffering from the deficiency of oxygen in their blood.
There are oxygen plants that are industrial system that are designed to generate oxygen but now there are making this technology work in the medical field. The supply of Oxygen for Hospital is done through this technology only.

PSA or Pressure Wing Adsorption is basically a process that uses some sort of molecular sieve 4a (elgaardtemple6.jigsy.com) sieve to produce oxygen from the atmosphere.

There are a million of hospitals around the world who have been using this on-site Oxygen Production for many years that has proven to be very successful.

Previously, the cylinders were used for the supply but now Oxygen generators are used because of the reasons like safe delivery of gas, no handling of its cylinders, economy & decrease in oxygen cost, oxygen available round the clock in-house, easy to use, low maintenance and economical.

Working of PSA Generators

The process is based on the fact that the different gases possess the propensity to have an attraction towards different solid surfaces more or less strongly. Same happens with the nitrogen, as it gets attracted to the zeolites.
Therefore, as the air is compressed, the nitrogen is forced into the crystalline cages of the zeolite, and the oxygen is less absorbed and conveyed to the end of the zeolite bed and ultimately recovered in the O2 buffer tank.

In this there are two zeolite beds that are used together.

The first one filters the air under pressure until it gets saturated with nitrogen while oxygen passes through. The second filter begins to do the same while the first one is regenerated as nitrogen is expulsed (desorbed) by releasing the pressure. The process repeats again, storing the O2 gas and argon in a tank which is further used for various purposes in the hospital.

Benefits of PSA Generators

1. Economic Benefits

  • Return on Investment
  • Shield from market price increases

2. Environmentally friendly

3. Pay only for what you use- In this, the medical facility only pays for what is consumed and they are not charged on a time basis.

4. Total Independence

5. Safety

  • No need of Statutory approvals
  • Liquid oxygen carryover avoided
  • Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) rules

6. Good Quality of O2

7. Having a Back-up oxygen independence.

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