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iPhone X: the notch is a problem especially on Instagram.

Yesterday, 11:29 am
Posted by ugprachele
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The iPhone X is so talked about, to the point of virtually eclipse the iPhone 8. But today is one of his faults that is pointed at.
And as we would have suspected, the quack comes from the famous sensor bar located at the top of the screen ... This famous "notch" could well be a problem for many applications.
iPhone X / Instagram: it does not stick!
As can be seen in this video of an iPhone X, the sensor bar poses little problems to Instagram which is somewhat disordered.
Alignment is not perfect at the moment and new listings houses for sale (appaeconomicdevelopment.com) that's not so surprising, the version of the application used in the video is probably the one that is currently available in the App Store, and it is not further optimized for the device. Since the iPhone X is not yet available to the general public, this is not really alarming since the developers still have time to adapt their applications, which should not be impossible task. In any case, it is better not to draw too much conclusions from a 10-second video shared on Reddit.
In addition, so far Apple has always been able to give clear guidelines to developers so that they can adapt their applications to the new standards and it is hard to see why this would change with the symbol of 10 years of the iPhone ...
The iPhone X will be available from November 3 and it seems that sales will be at the rendezvous, buggy Instagram or not.
What do you think of this story? In your opinion, will the iPhone X ruin the design of all applications and force developers to review their copy, or will a few pixels hereby be enough for applications to be ready in time?

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