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iPhone free: beware of the scam on Instagram!

Today, 2:40 am
Posted by vanessatin
Author: Jeremy Zabatta In Luxembourg Last updated the 11/12/17 15:18 | Posted on 11/12/17 15:18.
An Instagram account showing pictures on Luxembourg offers to win iPhone 7 Plus in a few seconds. Watch out best hair rollers for long hair the scam!
"Luxembourg.off", an Instagram account said to be "the official account of Luxembourg" offers to its 763 subscribers to win an iPhone 7 Plus, photo support, after receiving a large stock of smartphones from the brand to the Apple. In short, the good plan to approach Christmas.
For that nothing more simple, "like" the post, comment on the picture and leave a message on the private messaging of the account in question. Intrigued, we did it, and after a few minutes, we won an iPhone 7 Plus. The account asks us our choice of color and capabilities of the device and our address to deliver us the precious gift. Then the case gets complicated. The account in question asks us to go and buy 5 "codes" by calling a premium rate number, 905 29 705. Here again we made the experiment and an answering machine gives a code, which must be given to the customer. individual hiding behind the Instagram account. Of course, the iPhone 7 Plus will never be sent.
Joined by us for a little more information, the operator Tango confirmed that this number was a Luxembourg number and surcharged. "Generally, the numbers start with 900, 901 and 905 are surcharged numbers where the minute can easily reach 1 euro and the call as a whole about 30 euro," said Tango, who remains vigilant on phone scams. "At the moment, we have mostly customers who receive calls from abroad. There, as soon as they drop out, the surtax starts. On our side, we try to block certain calls while informing the competent authorities of the country. On the side of our customers who are victims of this type of scam, we make sure that they are the least impacted on their bill ".
To return to our scam, Tango says that numbers beginning with 905 are often used for "adult" services. The operator also points out that this type of service is never included in the "subscriptions" of customers and that the use of this type of number remains the responsibility of customers.
The small advice not to fall into the panel is not to be naive, especially when someone offers to win a smartphone for free!

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