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What Puts A Watch In A Luxury Class

Jul 12th 2018, 5:15 am
Posted by suzanne875
shoponlineIn the past people have always bought watches to tell the time and this was the case with the first ever watch created. The first pocket watch that was created by Peter Henlein. It was a very big step in technology and allowed a person to measure the time from your wrist or pocket. This was ingenious because instead of people having to find a clock to find the time they just had to look in their pocket.

This technology expanded with new improvements coming to the watches such as bells and chimes signifying the hours and watches eventually moved from your pocket to your wrist in 1914. It was a big breakthrough from the company Eterna as it allowed watches to be smaller than the very large pocket watches before that time.

It was during the 1800's that many of the modern and luxury watch designers were formed with companies like Tissot and Zenith. This sparked a revolution and the watch making industry went wild with rival businesses all trying to make their watches more advanced and easier to use than the other firms.

This has continued today with the luxury watch industry crammed with many different businesses such as Rolex and Franck Muller all producing very high quality and prestigious watches.

Today's luxury watches are extremely well made and in some cases people are judged on how wealthy they are on what kind of watch they are wearing. This is because the watch industry is so large and in the luxury watch sector they can get very expensive. This is due to the fact that the luxury watches of today are made of exquisite materials such as silver, gold and diamond. In some cases watches can reach in excess of 15,000 pounds and this sometimes means that only the very well off people in the world choose to buy them.

Many of the watch companies decide to make the watches out of these very expensive and prestigious materials because they are some of the most rare and precious materials in the world and it shows to the public that if you purchase a watch from the luxury sector it exhibits wealth and high class.

But not all the watches in the luxury sector are made out of very extravagant materials. Many companies choose to make their watches out of existing materials such as aluminum and leather, this also shows class but not on the level of the other companies, but this does not mean they are not as well made as the other major watch makers but simply want to make the luxury sector more affordable to reach a much wider part of the public. This opens up the sector for other businesses that want to enter the luxury watch area.

All the luxury watches come in all shapes and sizes, some rectangular and other circular. It means that the luxury watch customer has a lot of choice when wanting to buy a watch. It is all down to personal preference on what watch to choose as all the different sizes, colours and materials just open up the options to the customer.

Overall, the luxury watch sector is growing everyday with more and more companies entering the selected club and it only means in the future there is going to be more selection for the luxury watch buyer to choose from.

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