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Finding Love after Divorce or perhaps a Long Term Relationship (The Second Time Around)

Apr 21st 2017, 7:50 am
Posted by marquispon
one time loveWriting this short article today I wanted to share something on the personal note. I usually write inside a general context regarding the questions from my viewers & YouTube subscribers by leaving my personal life out of the equation. One with the reasons I started my Dating & Relationship Talk Show was due to long learning curve I loved 'get it right' inside the single's market & to help others to not have to go through that.
I also slowly realized what signals I was submitting as well. If you are too guarded or too picky you won't ever meet someone that is ready to agree to a serious relationship. It is important to recognize how you come across with other people you meet. I always joked that my dates were so varied it absolutely was like a Benetton Commercial with the colors from the world uniting because I obviously did not know what I wanted!
Regardless of whom I met in my travels as a flight attendant & dating in Vancouver, I still often found your initial chemistry lacking or even the relationship so intense in a way or any other so it seldom exercised. As I matured & changed my priorities, I was astonished at how wonderful & stress free, life could be inside a 'drama free' relationship! Who knew?
My blogs & Advice Column are written to try to assist others with life's trials & tribulations (or share other people's stories) not to talk about our happenings over a regular basis ~ but saying that I wanted to share with you this story as a consequence of how grateful I am to possess been given this excellent 'gift of love' in the second a part of my life.
As a pal of my cousin's for quite some time, I had heard much about Bruce but never met him until 1 day when he knocked on my small front door. He needed my brother, who was simply staying when camping temporarily. I used to joke with my girlfriends about them getting off the couch whenever they ever desired to meet guys because they weren't planning to come & knock on their entry way! (Unless we were holding interested in dating the Fed Ex guy!)
Upon our initial meeting, we became friends. Bruce was managing his own divorce from his first marriage and was very green within the single's arena. He never showed it during the time & always seemed confident and well composed! He would be a very curious man & never afraid to ask questions and provide topic strategies for my Podcast Radio Show at that time. (I think he wanted to know the answers himself...)
We were unique people. He was the mountain man & I was kind of a city girl so I didn't put much energy into thinking about us as a potential couple. How could we've connect? Ice camping & hanging off a rock face suspended by ropes & other Fear Factor scenarios, just wasn't my notion of a fun relationship!
I helped him shop for clothing (to help you attract the ladies) as he asked me questions that may help him try and understand the complicated single female he had not been exposed to for so long being a married man. We also shared stories of 'dates gone bad,' mostly in my side of course. For those who have virtually any concerns with regards to where by along with tips on how to utilize one time love (http://onetime.love/), you possibly can contact us at our own web page. This continued on for around 4 months.
It was an unconditional friendship that blossomed into something more than I ever might have fathomed. I was still stuck in my 'chemistry 1st' phase & didn't begin to see the writing for the wall. He literally needed to etch it into my attention span by throwing me over his shoulder within my birthday party many years ago & carried me down the long flight of stairs at the restaurant in Granville Island. (Talk about caveman style! I have always asserted 'men still desire to bring home the buffalo however times have changed' and that definitely proved my point!)I literally 'woke up' that night & haven't ever looked back.
I am so happy to possess met a man that was patient and thought I was well worth the wait of experiencing a future with me at night. He took his time & played the best game of poker I have ever seen.

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