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Circle Time Activities - Ideas for Implementing Circle Time Across the Curriculum

Apr 21st 2017, 9:01 am
Posted by marquispon
one time loveCircle time (also called Morning Routine) has always been my favorite duration of the day within the Kindergarten Classroom. Here you'll find a step by step writeup on circle time activities inside a Kindergarten Classroom, circle time songs and learning activities for each curricula area.
It's enjoyable to witness the socialization method that happens with songs and ideas during circle time! During the college year it's fun to make note of the progress of kids who began kindergarten once reluctant to sing or shake hands while using strange child seated next to them. As they approach first grade, vehicle saddened to sing their last circle time songs and shake hands with their friends for the last time.
This is one kind of the reasons that I love circle some time and also why I think it remains important for kindergarteners to sing and engage in song.
When I was a brand new teacher, I was more controlling over the management of circle time: I chose who did what and when. As I matured in my understanding of building independence and responsibility, I began to battle more of a directive role and chose a circle time helper to the week to manage the activities.
To begin, model how circle time runs for at least a month prior to the helper job begins. It will then function as circle time helper's job to deal with circle time within the same order. The teacher's role is always to oversee circle time, make corrections and inquiries, add a learning point, or introduce a brand new concept. If you have any kind of inquiries pertaining to where and how to make use of one time love, you could contact us at our web page. It is amazing to find out how the students reply to responsibility. They really take it seriously, and I never had to sit the helper down for misbehavior.
In the start of the school year, circle time can be a time-consuming task, but later in the year it moves faster and much more activities are added.
Start every day with this song (towards the tune of Skip to My Lou):
Hello, how are things? (Repeat twice)
How are you today?
I'm fine, I hope you are extremely. (Repeat twice)
I we do hope you are fine today.
Turn for your neighbor and shake their hand. (Repeat twice)
Shake their hand today.
Starting circle time activities with your "morning song" or "hello song" can be a great routine to start your day. I make use of the written words with the song with a chart as being a shared reading text. I model using a "pointer stick" to monitor print from left to right, return sweep, finding punctuation marks and spacing.
Later within the year, as students are more proficient in reading skills, we discover and circle sight words inside song and count the number of times we can get the words hello, I, are, you, today, etc. We also learn that questions precede a response from this song. One year I even stood a class inquire what "I'm" meant and now we started an entirely beginner unit on contractions (first grade curriculum). In the same way, I also make use of the Pledge of Allegiance as being a shared reading text.
Then, sing the months of the year song. There are many versions of the song. I use the tune of Ten Little Indians:
January, February
March and April
May and June
July and August
Then comes the month of September
October, November also remember December.
Each month is listed with a store-bought poster. We educate yourself on the order of the months, that you have twelve months in the year, what month was last and what month is next, the number of days are generally in the month then when we get to 30 or 31, how the month has ended, the growing season the month is within, that months always start out with a capital letter, the amount of months end in the letter "y", there are three months that start with the letter "J" and 2 that start with the letter "M". Writing the month becomes easier after a while, specially when we know how to locate it in the classroom.
Now, students learn the days from the week.

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