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Keith Thurman vs. Luis Collazo: "One-Time" to produce a first impression

Apr 21st 2017, 9:05 am
Posted by marquispon
one time loveIt was love in the beginning site for your second amount of time in a row.
As you ponder that statement, perhaps there is really a such thing as that? In boxing, from the fan perspective, it is probably the most important take into account why they became fans of an fighter, to start a love affair that doesn't end. For Keith "One-Time"Thurman (on deck tonight against crafty Puerto Rican veteran southpaw Luis Collazo from Brooklyn), he needs the few thousand asses in the seats with the USF Sundome in Tampa to fall in love with this gladiator tonight.
He needs the crooks to jumping beyond them, while feeling they are unable to wait to get a chance to recover in them after witnessing him tonight.
Thurman (25-0, 21KOs), is the WBA welterweight champion being touted as one of the next true superstars inside sport. If this proves to be true, what he does tonight could have an impact on that reality. For "One-Time", it would be a good idea if he could one-punch KO the tricky former world champion Collazo (36-6, 19KOs).
Wouldn't certainly be a bad idea for an old-school boxing fan being reminded of the first impression they may have had of Thomas Hearns, when he violently eviscerated Pipino Cuevas. If you loved this write-up and you would certainly like to get even more info pertaining to one time love kindly check out our own page. Or suppose a modern example with the blunt force trauma a result of Gennady Golovkin Keith didn't exactly disagree achievable notion when we sat down briefly pursuing the final press event yesterday. Invariably, talk will use Floyd Mayweather, mainly because it did from reporters before we discussed Collazo.
"How realistic is the fact that fight really though Keith?" Bottom-lined this writer. "If you were to put lots on what % of the chance you think that you have of actually fighting Floyd what would it be?"
"0%. I know I'm not getting that fight, but I'm likely to ask for it," Thurman reasoned. "I will be able to campaign for anyone ranked in front of me."
It was worth noting the other day an article I read during that presser through which Thurman went after Mayweather. This bout with Collazo could make his words resonate more noticable with an impressive win.
"Mayweather, Schmayweather," Thurman barked, in a hot piece by Micheal Woods from RING Magazine. "He's made the big bucks, has plenty of records and he doesn't need me if he doesn't want me. But I please the fans. He's just like a pop star, a rock star, all his money, his cars, his hoes, I suppose. TBE, huh? He didn't fight among those guys in the right time. He didn't do it for that fans. He waited quite a long time for Manny Pacquiao, for Pacquiao's marquee value to go up into and down. I'm 26, on the forefront of boxing, this could be the second of two networks I'm headlining a card for, for PBC. I'm going to become here possibly for that next six to ten years, use a healthy, beautiful career, with or without Mayweather."
It all starts off with tonight. As stated inside movie "Gladiator", when you get the people to enjoy you that new, they won't hesitate to like you harder the very next time. "One-Time" doesn't want this possiblity to establish a boxing mecca in Tampa to be described as a one time opportunity.
The question is- will you choose? Or will or not it's the start of something truly perfect for Thurman and the city of Tampa?
Thurman vs. Collazo
For the Clearwater/St. Petersburg native, this homecoming to nearby Tampa with an ESPN extravaganza under the banner of 'Premier Boxing Champions' (Al Haymon made sure to have thousands of t-shirts at hand out for fans) could possibly be tricky. Collazo can be a veteran who fully realizes that this is probably his last shot at the world title, and I believe he'll fight with all of the poise and precision of a world champion.
Despite Thurman's nickname, he hasn't displayed the sort of sudden punching power you'd recall from say a Julian Jackson with the elite level, which would be his opportunity to showcase it against a very solid competitor.

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